My Story

As a child, I was always drawn to colour, to texture and was mesmerised by fabrics and how different they could make the world appear.

My father who was a conductor, brought me into the world of theatre, a place full of imagination, where women dazzled and costumes transformed the characters before my eyes. My mother’s wardrobe was my own little haven where I took great pleasure in planning out her daily outfits. My obsession with how my teacher’s look changed daily truly ignited a passion for style which has been with me ever since.

My early career started in the aviation industry. As a crew member, I became particularly aware of how style could inform confidence. For the next decade, I travelled the globe and learned that style is not uniform – every climate, culture and individual has a unique style. Living in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal taught me that lifestyle and style were intrinsically related.

On returning to Australia, I worked for renowned Interior Design Consultancy ‘Woods and Warner’ gaining valuable insight and expanding my knowledge into alternative applications of styling. I have trained with many of the leading image professionals and attend regular training within the industry. As a fully qualified personal stylist, I completed my training with the prestigious ‘Professional Styling Academy’ in Sydney. My greatest joy has been realizing the dream of creating my own consultancy to bring inspiration and happiness by empowering everyday women with confidence by helping them find their own unique authentic style.

As we get older our sense of style changes. There are many factors that may contribute to this, childbearing years, illness, career changes and many more.  These changes can make us question our identity and in turn leave us confused as to what suits “us”. I too have been through these changes and would love to help you. As a mother of two gorgeous kids, my approach is one of practicality and efficiency. It is about opening up a world of possibility yet firmly grounded with a goal to take the hassle out of everyday. I can promise you that I will not push my own personal style or put you in something that you are not comfortable in.

Nikki Durden Quaintrelle Styling Personal Shopper

Quaintrelle is truly
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