Personal Shopping

Ask yourself

  • Do you struggle to find the time to shop?
  • Does the sheer choice on offer overwhelm you?
  • Do you feel confused and dissatisfied when you do get to the shops?
  • Do you often end up with nothing or a couple of panic buys?
  • Are you unsure which clothes to choose for your body shape?

What to expect

  • The process begins with a style questionnaire and phone consultation so I can better understand your lifestyle, your needs, your budget and what you hope to achieve.
  • I will then research destination stores that will fit your style profile and body shape.
  • During our shopping trip, I will show you how to shop more efficiently applying the principles of style, colour and shape that are unique to you.
  • I will bring the joy back into your shopping experience!

Subconsciously many women shop on impulse buying things they like but not really thinking about whether they need it!

A multitude of impulse buys leave us with a wardrobe full of clothes but too often with the same challenge of finding nothing to wear!

If you’re looking for effective, cost and time saving shopping sessions then the ‘Personal Shopping’ service is for you.  You can benefit from personal shopping as part of the ‘Wardrobe Re-style’ package or use it as an individual service.  This service is designed to give you the tools to make shopping a more enjoyable and productive event in the future.

I cater for all personal shopping needs across a range of events: seasonal wardrobe update, work wear and corporate dressing, capsule wardrobe planning, returning to work post pregnancy, weekend wardrobe, holiday shopping, accessories or for special events.

t: 0421 747 676