Styling Men

Shopping for many men is often viewed as a painful and considered a chore.

Quaintrelle offers a range of bespoke services specifically designed to take away the hassle and stress of shopping.

Working with your physical characteristics, your physical and professional environment and personal style wants, I can help you create a style that suits your needs and sends a clear message of who you are.

Evidence shows us that it only takes a few seconds for us to make an impression.  Like it or not, first impressions matter.  Whether you’re trying to impress a potential employer or a first date, in today’s competitive world we need to use all the tools we can to succeed.

Present yourself better, and you’ll notice how great you feel, as well as how others become more receptive to you.  If you look good and feel good about yourself, your confidence carries over to every other aspect of your life.

I believe that everyman deserves to have his own unique style.

Whether you are looking for a wardrobe update, a new professional look, outfit for a specific occasion or a complete overhaul, I can help.


It’s all about control. Most things are out of our control – our thinning hair, our height, our IQ, our lack of athletic ability, etc. But ANY man can control how he presents himself. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of it, because you can.
Brock McGoff – The Modest Man
t: 0421 747 676