Reviews for Qstyling

Words from happy clients


Thanks Nikki for the styling consultation and for helping me change my attitude towards my choice of styles, colour and sizing.
You have taught me how to dress to look fabulous and I feel excited about buying new clothes to fit my body shape.
I have now transformed my wardrobe, with just those few pieces you suggested. You have given me the confidence I needed, thanks Nikki.
I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
- Liesel Edis - Director, Mediapro


Nikki did an amazing job in updating my wardrobe. She matched the brief perfectly – corporate professional, fashionable and feminine. She had preselected a range of brands and prices that suited my body shape. In under two hours I walked away with some great new items, a new favourite designer and absolute confidence in my new work look. - Nicki Doble


When I arrived in Australia 4 years ago, I had nothing but one suitcase containing my entire life. I had been travelling for 6 months literally wearing the same beach dress, pair of shorts and a couple of t-shirts. Since then I have never really found my way with fashion. At 46 years old and at that difficult point of not dressing too young or too old, my wardrobe had gathered a collection of hand me downs from friends, a few bargain buys and some dresses that I’ve never worn. I spent one day with Nikki and I can honestly say she has completely changed not only how I view clothes shopping but how I feel about my body. We went through my wardrobe first and culled everything that wasn’t right for me.  She explained why certain items didn’t look good on me and why others did. Luckily I’d got most of my dresses right but the reason I wasn’t wearing them is because I felt too ‘dressy’. Nikki explained how I old make them more casual with different footwear and accessories which has suddenly opened up so many options. We went shopping and Nikki picked out items that were the right colour, shape and length for my figure –  and wow, what a difference! I have gone from fashion no man’s land to looking like I actually know what I’m doing. One of my concerns is dressing too young but she has taught me how to dress classy without being old and frumpy. This whole experience has given me a new lease of life. Nikki has taught me so much from where to shop, what to avoid and how to accessorise for any occasion. I used to think that personal stylist were just for the rich and famous but it’s not, we can all now enjoy this wonderful experience. If you’re stuck with the overwhelming amount of clothes choice out there and need some help then I highly recommend Nikki, I can absolutely assure you that it will be worth every penny. She is just amazing! - Victoria Brooks Director, Victoria's Perfect Homes


Thank you Nikki for sorting our my wardrobe. You have given me insight into what works well with my body shape. You also clarified colours to use and silver jewellery is a better choice. Thank you for helping me choose some very reasonably priced jackets which has helped me use the clothes I already have in my wardrobe. You have given me greater confidence I am on the right track although I was missing a few pieces. I have also learnt what doesn’t work on me and why, which should help me make better selections in the future. You were always very kind and easy to work with. I will highly recommend you to all my friends. Thank you it was a wonderful experience. - Elaine


Nikki thank you for helping me dress for my body shape!!  It has made such a difference when I’m out shopping now. Even my husband noticed the change! It was a really valuable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone. - Vanessa


Nikki you were so lovely and easy to deal with. You came into my life and you absolutely changed the way I felt about myself and what I wore. You have given me the tools to dress for confidence and my own personal style. Thank you, you really were worth it! - Jane


I was given a gift voucher for Nikki’s services as a group present for my birthday. Initially I was sceptical but after speaking to Nikki she put my mind at ease and even told me she would leave, no questions asked, if I was too uncomfortable.  After spending just 5 minutes with her I realised this was going to be a lot of fun and I might just learn a few things along the way. The session was so beneficial for me personally, now I have clothes I want to wear. Book her if you can! - Kate Powers


Nikki was fantastic, she gave me a few great tips and made me excited about clothes again. I feel I can now dress myself! - Isabella Walsh


Having a consultation and wardrobe edit with Nikki was invaluable.  Understanding my body shape and learning about my colours made shopping a lot easier and a lot more fun.  I don’t buy things and wonder why I bought them anymore.  Saying that I buy less, but feel that I have more outfits to choose from because so many things go together.  That’s a definite win!
The 10 piece, 10 day challenge helped me become more creative with mixing and matching and accessorising.  Nikki has even got me wearing bolder lipsticks, which I have to say I am loving.  Thank you so much Nikki!
- Fiona Heytman





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